With the book Groove Facility Dom Famularo and Rob Hirons show you the path to creating a complete vocabulary of funky and effective contemporary drum set grooves. By using one-beat components arranged in different orders, the book will have you playing modern-sounding grooves right away. 

What really sets the book apart, however, is the clear explanation of the motions needed to execute these patterns - information that has never been included in a groove-based drum book before. 

Drawing on the explanations and systems presented in It’s Your Move (Dom Famularo), the authors show you how to apply Moeller and free stroke motions in a relaxed way in order to create the sound you want while grooving on the drumset.

The included data disc includes 22 QuickTime move clips that clearly show the motions and groove concepts taught in the book, along with 4 original play-along tracks which are designed for applying your new grooves.

"This book illustrates a very important and modern learning tool: the presentation of technique within the context of a musical idea. The material ranges from basic to challenging and is an excellent vocabulary builder. 5 stars!” 

David Garibaldi (funk drumming legend with Tower of Power)